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26 Comments 29 January 2014

This is the way that Mad Martini goes up the stairs by him self. And he also shows you how he goes down the stairs sole. Hit the subscribe button for your su…
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We present to you the new Oracing XTR, the lightest wheelchair on the market. Enjoy it!

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  1. ebaysutube says:

    I totally agree, that what I mean by steeper stairs. I have vids of my
    methods which make steep/shallow stair no problem, even easy.

  2. Mark5W8Comer says:

    The height of steps are usually 8″. What really concerns me is that my
    front porch steps aren’t very deep. In this video you can clearly see that
    the front lip of the step is under the vertical line of the wheel axles- so
    keeping on the step isn’t that difficult. For shallower steps you really
    have to maintain your pull on the rail. I haven’t tried this yet- scares
    the stuffings out of me!

  3. ebaysutube says:

    Where is the STAIRS AND CHAIRS video at?

  4. ebaysutube says:

    That works good if the stairs are not that steep and the railing goes all
    the way up. Let’s see the “Erik Kondo Method” rock some steep ones. By the
    way, that method takes quite a bit of core and a lot of paras won’t be able
    to do it.

  5. Chris Ballingall says:

    You could have left the music out of video period.

  6. jasperordrup says:

    That wheelchair just looks awesome! And looks so easy to use. I would LOVE
    to try it.

  7. Monsta Munch says:

    Nice, but not the lightest. Panthera X has this beat by a wide margin.

  8. Mihai Gaita says:

    no room for error on those steps:)

  9. oracingtoto says:

    The chair like that with options will be around 3500 euros

  10. temo mejia says:

    woo hermosa silla mas o menos cuanto valeeeee vivo en mexico,,,, saludos

  11. Colin Mather says:

    Toto, you’re a star mate, love the demo, would not mind one of the chairs

  12. Angel Madrid says:

    Para lograr hacer todas estas cosas no es indispensable una cierta silla de
    ruedas, sino tener valor de intentarlas y no tener una familia impidiéndolo

  13. عبد المنعم محمد says:

    How much is the chair

  14. silvertip185 says:

    Toto has great skills but going downhill without any protection is dumb. A
    caster tire chunk-out or a rock jamming the front end, anything, and he’s
    in for serious injuries. Not smart wheeling. Have fun but wear the gear.
    Btw it is a real test of a chair to run that straight and smooth, Oracing
    makes great stuff.

  15. tennowman says:

    Awesome chair! But does it have suspensions?? :/

  16. venera ho says:

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  17. SuperFallsguy says:

    going back up is going to suck!!

  18. 794it says:

    Love that you can go that fast down the hill.

  19. Stefano Quagliano says:

    come le sposti bene le gambe siamo buoni tutti con una lesion bassa,almeno
    non far veder che muovi le gambe 🙂

  20. Jon Abilitv says:

    That is one nice looking ride. I use a TiLite ZRA series one.

  21. Greg Thyfault says:

    check this guy out!

  22. silvertip185 says:

    Wish they were sold in the U.S. When are they coming and when can we see
    them at the Abilities Expo?

  23. jose alberto galicia says:

    Esos Si son wevos como en México se dice

  24. oracingtoto says:

    Sorry, i will not do it again lol

  25. Milagros LÓPEZ VERNET says:

    Es falso que sea la silla de ruedas más ligera del mercado. Yo tengo una
    Panthera X y pesa 2 kg.

  26. oracingtoto says:

    don`t have suspension, have a carbon fiber seat strips that work a bit like
    a little suspension

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