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Is the cost of building a wheelchair ramp tax deductible if I am renting the home?

4 Comments 29 January 2014

Question by JC: Is the cost of building a wheelchair ramp tax deductible if I am renting the home?
My wife and I paid our own money to add a wheelchair ramp to a home that we are renting. I’m quite sure that this cost would be deductible if we owned the home, but I’m not clear about our status with this as renters. Is it spelled out clearly someplace?

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Answer by the tax lady
It’s implied.

However, as a medical expense, only the amounts above 7.5% of your AGI can be added to schedule A. If your total for schedule A is less than $ 11,400, you won’t see a reduction in your taxes.

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  1. Sammy S says:

    All medical expenses including the wheelchair (if approved and recommended by Doctor) will be part of your schedule A, and you need to be prepared that 7.5% of your income will be deducted from the total Medical expenses. Also, the medical expenses should be large enough to help you to exceed the standard deduction. IT does not matter if you own or rent.

  2. Jss says:

    It any part of the ramp expenses were reimbursed by the owner, you must deduct it from your medical expenses. Rest you can claim as itemized deduction, which is reported on schedule A (Form 1040).
    You will take deduction only if your itemized deductions are more than your standard deduction..You can deduct the expenses that are more than 7.5% of your adjusted gross income (Form 1040, line 38).

  3. tro says:

    the only way it is deductible on your own home is if it is prescribed by a doctor and it increases the value of your home

  4. taxreff says:

    While its not really relevant to this question, homeowners can only include capital improvements for medical reasons (ie: a wheelchair ramp) in medical expenses to the extent which the cost of the improvement exceeds the increase in home value due to the improvement.

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