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Q&A: Who can I sue to get my medical cost covered from a football injury?

0 Comments 04 December 2013

Question by KB!!: Who can I sue to get my medical cost covered from a football injury?
I play for an amateur football league in Michigan. We pay a small fee to play 16 games with playoffs, and a championship game. During the “preseason” teams organize scrimmages to get ready for the regular season. A week before the start of the regular season, our team organized a scrimmage with another team.

During this game I ended up breaking my ankle and leg.

If the league recognized the scrimmage on their website and I did not sign an injury waiver, am I allowed to sue for the cost not covered by my insurance? If so, what are the chances the league would have to cover the cost?

Cost incurred are: Ambulance trip to Emergency room, Surgery which included anesthesia, prescription pain pills, mobility equipment, physical therapy (still ongoing)..

The league is an LLC and from my knowledge they do not carry liability insurance, as the management of the league is unorganized.

What are my options here?

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Answer by T
Your option is to accept the fact that breaking your leg is a reasonable risk that you assumed when you voluntarily participated in a football scrimmage. The league isn’t responsible or negligent in this matter.

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