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New Niche Stock Image Website, PhotoAbility, Offers Unique Photos of Models With Disabilities

No Comments 29 January 2014

Fort Lauderdal, Florida (PRWEB) January 28, 2014

Deborah Davis, co-owner of a new stock photography website with images of people of disabilities, became part of the disabled community when a car accident left her paralyzed from the chest down at 18 years old. The 49 year-old mother of two is announcing the launch of her new niche company, PhotoAbility, whose goal is to change how the public views, accepts and welcomes people with disabilities in mainstream society around the world.

PhotoAbility features a wide selection of stock images of authentic models with disabilities focused in lifestyle, leisure and travel settings. Images available include diverse stock photos of people in wheelchairs, amputees, the hearing and visually impaired and more. These photos capture the models enjoying playgrounds, going to prom, playing sports, shopping, working, relaxing at the beach, dating and getting married, traveling and much more.

Companies from all industries in need of original images that express a message of inclusion and diversity will find an array of high quality, rights managed and royalty free stock photos from which to choose for marketing and advertising campaigns.

PhotoAbility represents the one billion people with disabilities across the globe, and is one more fighting voice for the entire disabled community. This unique market, together with their family and friends, spends billions of dollars all over the world in travel and lifestyle sectors every year. However, this powerful and growing segment of society is rarely seen or acknowledged in advertising or editorial images. PhotoAbility has resolved to bring the disabled community back into mainstream media.

Increasing the positive imagery of persons with disabilities, and those who use mobility devices such as wheelchairs, canes, walkers, guide dogs, etc., will not only encourage further inclusion and accommodation, but will help to eliminate the fear and negative stereotyping that so often permeates all levels of society.

Industry leaders, graphic design and advertising professionals and publication editors can use PhotoAbility’s offering of high quality stock photos to incorporate a renewed message of inclusion into their advertisements and publications, extending a welcoming message to this significant market of people with disabilities, their friends and families.

“Stock image buyers can now find an exclusive source for creative, positive and refreshing imagery depicting individuals, from youths to seniors, who happen to have disabilities,” said Deborah Davis, co-founder of PhotoAbility.net. “These images can depict an inclusive message to customers and show how companies value the economic impact of customers with varying physical abilities.”

At PhotoAbility.net, visitors can browse the photo gallery, purchase images or contact the company to inquire about creating custom photos shoots representing specific interests and properties. PhotoAbility can provide anything from a general photo concept to a full marketing analysis, as well as models and advice on how to authentically and realistically portray people with disabilities in a natural setting.

Photographers are invited to submit their photos for inclusion and portfolio hosting in the PhotoAbility library, as well. All photos selected can earn up to 45 percent commission on each sale.

Not sure where to start? Browse the PhotoAbility gallery or visit the site’s “Editor’s Choice” page to review a selection of photographs that reflect the beauty and uniqueness of their stock photos. Photos can be viewed individually or as part of a convenient slide show.

Increasing the positive imagery of persons with disabilities and who use mobility devices such as wheelchairs, canes, walkers, guide dogs etc., will not only encourage further inclusion by increasing awareness that we want to participate and should be equally accommodated, but will help to eliminate the fear and negative stereotyping that so often permeates all levels of society.

We, through our image gallery, hope that by increasing awareness of the value in maintaining and making structural and attitudinal changes, it will encourage and sustain the participation of those with differing abilities around the world.

We encourage you, as industry leaders, and professionals who make editorial and creative decisions to take a good look at how you can incorporate inclusion images and a welcoming message to this significant market.

PhotoAbility was established in March 2012 by Bill Forrester and Deborah Davis with the goal of providing high quality, unique, non-medically oriented imagery of persons with disabilities for purchase by the advertising, marketing and media sectors. The Commercial Stock Image Library specializes in positive and “Inclusive images of people with a disability in leisure, lifestyle and travel settings.

The 2000+ inclusive images depicted in the PhotoAbility gallery are designed to impact attitudinal bias, change perception and provide motivation to eliminate and reduce social, structural and professional barriers. A wave of change reflected in popular media and advertising can make an impact on laws and attitudes around the globe, and on how many with differing abilities view themselves.

For more information and to view PhotoAbility.net’s positive, inclusive Stock Images, please visit http://www.PhotoAbility.net.

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Greater Baltimore Medical Center Goes Online with PatientRoute Systems

No Comments 29 January 2014

Boston, Massachusetts (PRWEB) January 29, 2014

Patient Route Systems (PatientRoute), a leader in improving hospital quality of care and efficiency through software, has announced that Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC), the hospital of the GBMC HealthCare System, has successfully deployed its cloud-based solution. GBMC is a 255-bed acute care medical center that manages more than 26,700 inpatient cases and 60,000 emergency room visits annually.

We are honored to help GBMC improve patient quality and operational efficiency by helping them identify and reduce census variability, said Rich Krueger, CEO of PatientRoute. GBMC is a widely renowned, respected, and innovative hospital system and was an early adopter of the principles of variability management developed by the non-profit Institute of Healthcare Optimization (IHO). We are pleased to help take this practice to a new level.

PatientRoutes unique cloud-based software automates the variability methodology as developed by IHO, which provides hospitals the capability to dramatically improve patient outcomes while optimizing resource utilization. The comprehensive system:

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Is the cost of building a wheelchair ramp tax deductible if I am renting the home?

4 Comments 29 January 2014

Question by JC: Is the cost of building a wheelchair ramp tax deductible if I am renting the home?
My wife and I paid our own money to add a wheelchair ramp to a home that we are renting. I’m quite sure that this cost would be deductible if we owned the home, but I’m not clear about our status with this as renters. Is it spelled out clearly someplace?

Best answer:

Answer by the tax lady
It’s implied.

However, as a medical expense, only the amounts above 7.5% of your AGI can be added to schedule A. If your total for schedule A is less than $ 11,400, you won’t see a reduction in your taxes.

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Get An Overview Of Wheelchair Electric And Wheelchair Cushions

No Comments 05 December 2013

Article by Jag Jenny

Wheelchair is found to be that medical equipment, which can give mobility to any patient. In case of wheelchair, we can see the prevalence of two types of wheelchairs available in the market

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Q&A: Who can I sue to get my medical cost covered from a football injury?

No Comments 04 December 2013

Question by KB!!: Who can I sue to get my medical cost covered from a football injury?
I play for an amateur football league in Michigan. We pay a small fee to play 16 games with playoffs, and a championship game. During the “preseason” teams organize scrimmages to get ready for the regular season. A week before the start of the regular season, our team organized a scrimmage with another team.

During this game I ended up breaking my ankle and leg.

If the league recognized the scrimmage on their website and I did not sign an injury waiver, am I allowed to sue for the cost not covered by my insurance? If so, what are the chances the league would have to cover the cost?

Cost incurred are: Ambulance trip to Emergency room, Surgery which included anesthesia, prescription pain pills, mobility equipment, physical therapy (still ongoing)..

The league is an LLC and from my knowledge they do not carry liability insurance, as the management of the league is unorganized.

What are my options here?

Best answer:

Answer by T
Your option is to accept the fact that breaking your leg is a reasonable risk that you assumed when you voluntarily participated in a football scrimmage. The league isn’t responsible or negligent in this matter.

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